Brian Shaw: A Financial Powerhouse in the World of Strongman - Unraveling His Impressive Net Worth

Introduction to Brian Shaw 

Brian Shaw was born on Feb 26,1982 in Colorado, US to the couple Jay Shaw and Bonnie Shaw. He is 6 ft,8 inches tall, and (175-200) kg.

 Full Name Brain Shaw 
Age 41 years
Gender Male
Birth Place  Fort Lupton, Colorado US
Father's Name Jay Shaw
Mother's Name Bonnie Shaw
Spouse Name Keri Shaw
Date of Birth Feb-26, 1982
Children 2

The early life of Brian Shaw 

Shaw spent his childhood in a small town named Fort Lupton and joined Fort Lupton High School to gain a high school education and started playing basketball there. The basketball player at that time is now a famous Strongman with massive strength. He joined Otero Junior College in La Junta, Colorado to achieve his college degree. He continued his playing as well as successfully completed graduation in Wellness Management from the University.


Shaw contested many and every world's Strongest Man finale from 2009 upwards to 2021. He is the winner of the Arnold Strongman Classic three times and America's Strongest Man two times. He also established numerous world records in events including Deadlift, Atlas Stones, and Keg toss. He is a four-time winner of the Sport's Man title: World's Strongest Man in 2011 in Wingate, North Carolina, adding second, after two years in Sanya, China. Brian went on and on to win the title one after another in 2015(Malaysia) and 2016 (Botswana).

Spouse and Children 

Brian married his wife Keri Jenkins Shaw in 2015. The couple has two sons; Braxton and Kellen who live in Brighton, Colorado.

Net worth 

Brian Shaw had an estimated net worth of $13 million in 2022 and 15 million dollars in 2023.

Current Working 

These days, Brian is leaving the sport with the second-highest number of World's Strongest Man wins in the history of an event. In an interview, he had told that it had been a heck of a  ride and he is thankful for everyone who had been a part of it.

Social Media Accounts 

Brian's channel on YouTube is SHAWSTRENGTH which has 1.91 million subscribers and 323.8 million views. He is associated with the following acts ;

  1. Eddie Hall
  2. Nick Best 
  3. Robert Oberst 
  4. Jujimufu
  5. Terry Hollands
  6. Brandley Martyn.

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